We have put together a team of professionals to assist in the marketing and creation of your brand. We have designers to customize your labels to meet your specific demands. We also have many options for marketing of your brand to help maximize impact. In today's market having strong marketing techniques can make or break your success, with that in mind we developed a way to maximize your success.


Our manufacturing facility begins in our GMP compliant ISO 7 clean room that provides a sanitary environment for the mixing and bottling of your eLiquid. We use an automatic bottling machine that will provide a sanitary way to fill, cap, and label your eLiquids prior to distribution. This advanced bottling technology will ensure time restraints are met without risking sterilization throughout the entire process.


We understand the importance behind keeping your recipes private. Before any sensitive information regarding formulas are discussed, Non Disclosure Agreements will be signed by both parties ensuring privacy and concealment of sensitive information.


All ingredients are tested for quality before production occurs. Nicotine undergoes titration to ensure accurate potency. Batches that do not contain nicotine are made on sterile equipment to prevent contamination. Batches are all recorded and filed to keep strict production records.